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Letter from Arthur About Dr. Terry Mason Promoting Vegetarianism - 9 Jan 2009

Dear Mary and Frank Hoffman:

I know you will enjoy this very exciting news. Chicago Health commissioner Dr. Terry Mason is well known in Chicago and could make a major impression in his effort to persuade as many people as he can to give vegetarianism a sincere effort and hopefully decide to
make it a part of their lives.

Maybe because of Dr. Mason's brave and bold actions several other leaders in Chicago and other cities will realize the many benefits of vegetarianism and join the effort.

Hopefully we can get this information to President Elect Barack Obama. He may know Dr. Mason.

Imagine what would happen if Barack Obama announced to the world that he and even possibly his wife and children have become vegetarians?

For the urgently needed benefit of all humans, all animals, the earth and the earth's atmosphere!


See Arthur's letter to Dr. Mason.

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