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Frank L. Hoffman
Family Foundation

Letter from Marlene to President Obama about Animal Rights - 3 Sep 2010

UPDATED August 13, 2011 to include link to 67-page PDF

Thank you for creating such a beautiful website!

I am writing to you because I have written a letter to President Obama profiling undercover investigations by animal rights activists groups in the U.S.

I have taken this information from different animal rights groups websites. It has been fact checked by four different animal rights groups.

Your story of beautiful Malish is on page 47 of my document.

I have included the plight of the chimpanzees and the law that would help them, (the G.A.P.A.). Huntington Life Sciences and some of it's innocent victims is on page 4. "The Diary of Madness," (PETA investigation into HLS is quoted throughout).

The horrors that are taking place in college laboratories and the governmental waste starts on page 15. (Peta's and IDA's investigations). "Buck's Bill" is on page 23, (LCA's investigation). The use of animals in the Military is on page 42 with "The Best Practices Act".

I have included quotes from many experts, (Dr. Frederic Mayo pg 56, Dr Ray Greek pg 38, Jesus Christ pg 57.)

A quote by President Obama himself is on page 58, (right before the Animal Liberation Front).

Because of you Malish is able to speak from his grave. Because of you no one will forget him or the injustice of this atrocity. I hope that I can carry on some of what you have done with my letter to President Obama.

I thank you for caring so much about all animals and the one who suffered so much he is able to represent the horrors of vivisection worldwide. Malish will go down in history and I believe that he will play a role in ending this perpetual, shameful tragedy.

God Bless all of you! I hope you like my letter! Thank you for posting Malish's story.