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True Christian living requires us to live according to the Kingdom standards of God's Heavenly will, which bring Heaven to earth.

Love Notes
From Frank to Mary on Her Birthday - 2008

Happy 71st Birthday Mary

Honeysuckle flowers always grow together in pairs as we have done…

Mary's Birthday 2008 - 01

…but unlike the honeysuckle, which wither and fade away, and as far too many couples do; we have continued to bloom ever more brightly.

This has happened because of your inner beauty – your spirit, your soul, your intellect, your love, your empathy for all who suffer, and the wisdom to know how to apply these gifts and live apart from the corrupt world around us.

And because of who you are, I continue to love you more and more each year. You are a rainbow of hope in my life.

Mary's Birthday 2008 - 02

Have a very happy birthday, and many more happy and healthy ones to come, so that we can continue to bloom together for many more years, until the Lord calls us home.

I love you…

…with all my heart!

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