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True Christian living requires us to live according to the Kingdom standards of God's Heavenly will, which bring Heaven to earth.

Love Notes
From Frank to Mary on Her Birthday - 2009

Happy 72nd Birthday Mary

Even with all the sadness and suffering all around us, having shared more the 48 of your years together has brought joy to my heart.

Mary's 72nd Birthday - 01

I love seeing you in the morning at the kitchen sink going over the veggies and cleaning them for our salad and smoothies.

It’s fun to be with you, as we peruse the farm stores and markets for our vegan food, and take care of the other things we need to do.

I enjoy holding your hand as we go on our walks to get the mail or to enjoy the wonders of God’s creation.

To me, this day is also a wonderful reminder of the fantastic gift of my soul mate you have been to me.

The way our kindred spirits bond together is an inspiration to others, too.

Mary's 72nd Birthday - 02

When we get pooped out in the afternoon, I enjoy watching you take a snooze.

And I thank God for you every day, and pray that our days together will never end.

May this birthday, and the many more to come, be filled with happiness, joy, and peace.

I love you…

…with all my heart!

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