fau-panthercap1.jpgThe Fungus Among Us - Amanita
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And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day" (Genesis 1:31)

The Fungus Among Us - Amanita
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(Amanita - 1)  We spotted this Amanita growing under a white pine tree.  The color of this one has given us difficulty in specifically identifying its variety.  The Amanita pantherina is brownish in color, while the Amanita muscaria is reddish in color.  Its color is closer to the Amanita phalloides or death cap, but that variety has no warts, as does this one.


(Amanita - 2)  We cleared some of the pine needles away from the base of this Amanita to help in its specific species identification, but while the stem looked closer to Amanita muscaria, the cap color was significantly different; thus, we were left with only being able to identify the genus.


(Amanita - 3)  This is an overhead view of the Amanita, showing it globe shape with its white warts looking like islands floating on a yellowish sea.  In God's creation, there is always something of interest to look at and study.  Let us work to protect and preserve these natural gifts.

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