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Poetry By Anthony James
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Poetry By Anthony James

take me to ten
I'm at one, again
fallen, when?
in my jump to ten

oh God of all,
my way does fall
who seeks like this, to leap?
but a child, who calls

time is mine,
for the two through nine

falling, stumbling,
I trip and slip
on the icy mountainside
and slippery slopes

hope, I dial your number
eyes, awake from slumber

Helper, do you remember,

I need You, now.

down, down the hole
stories will tell
when a soul sees hell

what is next, here?
but Jesus?
and cries for help and rescue, then

and I am even with one
on a scale of one through ten


"You're # 1"

yeah, I know.
we all are.

By Anthony James , 2012, All rights reserved.

Author notes

And yesterday was the long journey of misery.

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