Anthony James

Isaiah 41:13
Poetry By Anthony James


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Isaiah 41:13
Poetry By Anthony James

 O' God
I love Thee.

My heart is melting
See me dying
I am torn

Sinful, I desire,

But I have heard Your Words...
And they too have grown in me!
I never forgot the things I heard
And I never let go of Your Words...

They have challenged me,
O' Jesus
See me trying

See my dying-
I am torn

I no longer want to stay here
I want to be with You
In spite of my self...

So, I go to you
I don't know what I am doing
I went so far into confusion
So broken and lost
I could only die in conclusion

See me
I am just a little boy, still.
And you brushed your hand over my head
And all my hairs turned white

I will never forget when You Saved me.
And so man things You did say to me-
That I heard, not with ears
But Heart.

Love and Thanks and Praise
Glory and Honor
Are Yours Almighty Father-

Truly Jesus

Forever and Ever