By Mozella Rainwater Sunshine

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By Mozella Rainwater Sunshine

A skinny citizen of Zalenny, Little Miss Abigale Abazenny
Borrowed two dimes and a penny
With her heart aflutter and aquiver
She tossed the copper into the river
As she awaited the realization of her wish
She found herself conversing with a fish.
Though he was tall, handsome and strong
Talking with a fish seemed, somehow, wrong.
He proposed,
Will you marry me and live in water?
You'd be my wife and mother for my daughter.
Mr. Fish, you don't understand, I wished for a man
To live with on dry land.
Use common sense, a coin in water and such a wish
Is bound to bring marriage proposal from a fish.
If you want a huMAN and house on dry land,
You should toss your copper in dry sand.
Mr. Fish, You're not just pretty.
You're also quite witty.
That you're a fish is a pity.
You insult me with the sugared words you speak.
Obviously, you're prejudiced and your education's weak.
I'm sorry about what I said.
There's still sleepiness in my head.
And I got up on the wrong side of bed.
I socialize with humans and animals too.
But even in my circle a talking fish is something new.
And the real truth is
Wishing for a mate to wed is just a game.
I'm too young to marry and change my name.
Then I stand corrected.
You're a lady to be respected.
Then handsome, Mr. Fish
Vanished into the mist.
Left alone
Abigale returned home.