Anthony James A Blind Man
Poetry By Anthony James
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A Blind Man
Poetry By Anthony James

a blind man,
never going anywhere
walking endlessly
always with a place in mind
a place where a light shines on me
----------------------------------- ----
no one cares, but I'll let them see
and this was my journey
about me.
----------------------------------- ----
----------------------------------- ----
dream on,
dream on,
sleep now, middle aged man
and He will let you dream, dreams
and it IS what it seems!
----------------------------------- --------
I had it wrong, all along-
my eyes were crooked and blind
all I could honestly do was fall
and I did.

I fell and fell and fell and fell and....
bumped, broken, lost some teeth-
cracked my skull, broke every limb but the left arm
it's okay-
brush it off
----------------------------------- ------------
and my Father saw it all
what a stubborn son, he is (me)
and you know what?
no one Loves like the Father Loves-
No, none.
----------------------------------- --------------
"let him go"
and there I went,
blind and crooked eyes
tripping, falling and up again-
----------------------------------- ----------
but the pain became too much
and the pills were a welcomed rest-
and there He was, looking at me
let me tell you what Strength is-
my Father walked away-
there was nothing more He wanted to do
than to make all my dreams come true-
but look at what I was...
I would have said I did it all..
My heart would have said "I need no One"
----------------------------------- ----------
and my heart stopped-
I died of the drugs
and I went to hell...
I was alone, fighting for my life-
A fight I was losing and my heart was crushed and broken
and I was so near to death that all I could do was cry out
Father! I am dying, please help me
and He turned around
angry with me He pulled me from the pit-
the Angel's all there!
so happy for me!
Searching my heart
Changing my heart
The Inner Places
The Temple
The Lord
And the Heaven's Rejoiced
Another man has been Saved-
Hallelujah! Music and Joy
The loving Saints and Angels are sooo happy for me?
They all love me?
And I just can't believe it all?

And all I can do is weep.

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