Abounding Thoughts
by Carol Popp
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Abounding Thoughts
by Carol Popp - www.carolpopp.com -May 1, 2006

Everywhere was something lurking
As reminders of sweet, sweet Love
Abounding thoughts... are always working

In every corner and every blink
Love showed off the specialness of fervor
Even in fragile tulips of pink

At a greenhouse, what a wonderful place
Exploring beauty
In every flower's smiling face

At a home where animals are adored
Love knocked and entered
And bountifully poured

On our walk where bunnies hopped, seemingly into thin air
Gentleness played upon our hearts ~ and we knew,
Definitely Love was there. --->

(Thought you might like to see a little summery scene from my garden this year) awww... hard to believe these wonderful flowers are just waiting to bloom again, despite the cold dormancy where they are now resting. I had hand dug a goldfish pond to the right of the photo.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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