Andrew PellActions have consequences
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Actions have consequences
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Actions whether they are good or bad have consequences.
It may be labeled a Karma that determines the outcome.
Sometimes taking action nobody ends up winning.
If the action is good, then the consequence will be beautiful.
If the action is bad, then the consequence will be disastrous.
If we help someone in need then the consequence will be beautiful to see.
Watch the personís face light up with such joy happiness and peace.
You cannot ask for anything less.
Always try to give your best.
Whatever action we take in life, think of the consequences that will follow,
Will it bring happiness or sadly sorrow.
Always pray to God for affirmation to proceed.
I always like to read a positive Verse from the Bible before I proceed.
The Bible is such a beautiful book that can help people in so many ways.
That is why the Bible is such a divine and beautiful book as a gift to Mankind,
Pray to God before any action is taken and I guarantee there would be no indecision.

© Andrew Pell 11/01/2021


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