Andrew PellAimless heads on Endless walls
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Aimless heads on Endless walls
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A line from “Starry Night” sung by Don Mclean)

How often do we go through life and not understand the person or talent they have.
Vincent Van Gogh was a beautiful soul that suffered for his Art.
He was misunderstood for the talent and the person he was.
A true artist that depression brought on a very real tragedy,
If only we could see the world through his eyes and soul.
The beauty that he alone could see and feel,
A beautiful person that did not judge the world for what it was.
Sadly towards the end depression overtook him and his life.
But we all know what a beautiful free spirit was he,
His art was his life and in the end sadly he ended it all.
His beautiful soul no one else could see.
In the end he set himself free.
“He suffered for his sanity”.

© Andrew Pell 08/01/2021

Starry Night

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