Anthony James Acts 2:17
Poetry By Anthony James
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Acts 2:17
Poetry By Anthony James

Acts 2:17

and I woke before time,
unusual for me-
not sure I'd return to sleep
to dream, again-

Heavenly Father-
I am full of Grace
So many visions
So much Grace

And I was suddenly befelled
By a Truth so deep-
With my Soul I could find
No reaction, but to weep-

What was this Truth?

Where did it come?
Upon my Soul
Within my Soul?

There was a voice
It told me such a thing
But it was Truth
Placed within-

Of Death.
The Second Death-

It was so in this vision and dream-
That I had a True Knowledge
Heavy and Much to bare-

It was so that we have all died already-
Before we were born.
We died, everyone of us-

And hopelessness set in
A strong, strong hopelessness-
The voice said all that is left
Is this short life in the flesh-

That is your 'parting gift'..
I felt the world crushing my spirit
No Hope at all.

This was The Truth
Of which there was no other.
And I turned on my bed-
It was too much-

I wanted out of this Truth
I wanted out of this Knowledge
I could find no hope, anywhere-

The vision/dream was near its end-
But before it closed a very interesting thing happened-

My Spirit was taken up very high....
My eyes were closed-
Then they were opened-

And what did I see before me?
It was a statue-
I gathered from the sight of it
That it was likely atop a very big structure-
Very high up-

A Statue of an man
Down on a knee-
In his left hand a shield it sat at his side
In his right hand a long spear-
Armored and very beautiful face
Long wavy hair-

I was taken up close to the figure-
I could see it so clearly-

And in an instance-
I had a mysterious thought

'The Soldier was down on his knee
His face was one of 'Honoring'
He was a Soldier
Armored, Shield and Spear-

And all my Hope came rushing in-
Fully and Completely-

It wasn't about the man
It wasn't about the statue-

I Knew in the same part of my Soul
That I knew of Death-
I knew the statue was of a man-

Bowing to who?

To none other than
Our King

Jesus Christ Almighty
Lord And Savior

What Honor on this face of this
Beautiful young man
Who was a Soldier of Christ-

What Joy filled my Soul, mind and heart-

Yes, we are dead and hopeless-

And behold-
There is Hope for Life, still-
Though Truly I tell you-

Many are called
Few are chosen

You must Love believe
You must Love Jesus with all your heart, mind, body and Soul
You must.

Every Knee Shall Bow

God Bless And May Salvation Be The Focus
Of your life

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