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(on watching a dog waiting outside a service station for his master..)
Has the world gone mad?
Have they all gone crazy?
It's really too bad  -
and I've only a hazy
view of what's wrong . . .
But one thing I CAN  say:
there's hardly one with time
to stop and stare;
- there's barely ONE who'll pause
and say 'Hello';
they're suffering excessive wear and tear;
their frantic pace is 'knocking' them,
 I know.
(But when I try to show I understand,
and tell them that there is a better way,
I somettimes get a side-swipe from the hand!
I'm shown it might be better
if I just go away!)
Slink back to my corner?
Is that where I belong?
One day,  tho',  they'll realise
-  I'm sure it won't be long  -
that something's not the way it could be:
gone wrong!
THEN they'll set the world to rights,
and that is when you'll see
an end to all their stupid fights,
so "folks" like you and me
can live in peaceful co-existence;
no more selfish ploys,
no more treating every creature
like a profitable TOY!
NO!  . . . Every man and every woman; 
 every girl and boy,
will live a life of peace and beauty,
learning to enjoy
Nature's simple pleasures  -  most of them
are FREE  -
partaking of Life's richest treasures,
as 'twas meant to be!
And THEN you'll see how true and loyal,
innocent and free,
(also just how fit and happy)
creatures such as me
can BE!


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