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Noelene Sanderson:  I'm a  New Zealander, a retired nurse, having trained at the Princess Margaret and Christchurch Hospitals. Over the years of marriage, and since becoming widowed in 1980, I have nursed people part-time;  taken part in the Vegetarian and Anti-Vivisection Societies and Animal Defenders' League in Christchurch;  written dozens of letters to the daily and weekly papers - usually regarding our treatment of animals;  aspects of religion; social matters and so on, and for a few years, written for a local community newspaper.  I have five brothers, one daughter and son-in-law; and a (at this time, 15-year-old) grandson. 

Forty-three years ago, at the age of 35, upon reading Rev. John Todd-Ferrier's book, "On Behalf of the Creatures", I realised the terrible injustices inflicted upon the animals, (and also the indignity of humans), in using God's Creatures for food and other indulgent purposes;  and so I became a vegetarian, at which an overwhelming feeling for their suffering manifested itself!

I grew up within the Methodist Church - with the Banner: "GOD  IS  LOVE", on the front wall in Sunday School. And of course that now has much more meaning as I see that the spirit of God is within all; and within all life. Perhaps my favourite quotation is, "We are never apart from God, as we are forever a part of God.."  I believe that every soul has the spark of God's spirit - often lying dormant - (i.e unexpressed!) -  within; and that we are all on a long journey towards becoming that which God made us to be.  The precious, innocent animals have their own spark - as souls also - and great LOVE  can, (and must) be expressed, between us and them - and our Father-Mother, GOD.

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