A Happy End
By Lucky Greyhound, Someone's Sofa, USA

From all-creatures.org

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By Lucky Greyhound, Someone's Sofa, USA

The greatest thing I've ever known,
Someone came and took me home,
Away from the track; hope I'll never go back!
Like a nightmare in my memory, my future looked Black,
Then I was adopted and my life spared.
I thank God everyday that someone cared;
'Cause this must be heaven, I'm a winner this time,
Got a ball, a bone, and a bed all mine.
And I'm crazy 'bout my family;
Devoted, you might say.
Like a shadow beside them.
You can bet I want to stay!
And I'm special too, they call me "sweetheart,"
And they hug and kiss me and tell me I'm smart.
Even dreams are peaceful now; no stress or strife.
And I run for fun, 'stead of running for my life!

Originally published on Animal Rights Online.