All We See in the World Today
By Lyndia (Myoji-Hana)


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All We See in the World Today
By Lyndia (Myoji-Hana)

All we see in the world today

is a path of destruction and famine on display,

Though it's not too late we can turn it around:

and create a miracle so deep and profound.

Through love peace and harmony

is how our hearts were meant to see;

Supporting, encouraging and loving each other,

Each being is but our own sisters and brothers.

What we send out is what we receive,

Each day there's a choice in what we perceive.

Allow your heart to lead the way,

filling you with light where once was darkness and grey.

In our own hearts we must always believe;

and choose carefully each day the threads that we weave.

For life is but our own visualization;

Live it wisely in daily prayer and constant meditation!