Amongst the Wild Horses
By Laura Ashmore


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Amongst the Wild Horses
By Laura Ashmore

Amongst a cold clear night, stars decorate the sky,
Across the field blanketed in snow, the moon shone bright
Fir trees all around as if to protect us as we lie
in the field that beautiful winter night.

Then a rustling from the forest we did hear.
And if from a dream…
two wild horses did appear,
a brilliantly white stallion and a beautiful brown mare.
As they approached there was no fear;
For they must have sensed we would never hurt them; not ever, not one hair.

As we continued to lay there in the snow
the horses came and nuzzled us as if to say hello.
As I was meeting the stallion
I realized although strong and powerful, he was a gentle fellow.

I was humbled by our connection;
we were not so different he and I,
two beings in this world just trying to survive.
In this abandoned field that we shared, how we did thrive.

And suddenly, as if summoned by unseen family, the mare and stallion galloped off into the forest of fir trees.
Although their parting was sad, we could not help but be happy
because they were wild and free.

Into the dark and cold, their visit brought warmth and light.
We knew that in those moments, there was created a treasured memory.
When shared with others it will make dark cold nights a bit more bright;
the memory of that joyous meeting once upon a time
that beautiful winter night.