Lance LandallA Mystery?
Poetry by Lance Landall
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A Mystery?
Poetry by Lance Landall

“Hi, could I have an ice-cream, please, just like that one that's pictured there?”
“That one?”  “Yes, the doubleheader.”  “And flavour, Sir?”  “Apple and pear.
And I’ll have it dipped in chocolate, with a marshmallow on top.
Thanks. I regularly come here. In fact, it’s my favourite shop.”

Next day.

“Hi, could I have a milkshake, please?”  “Thick or thin one, Sir?”  “A thick one.”
“Cream on top?”  “Yes please, for when it comes to cream, I never say none.
“And I’ll also have those six donuts. Yes, the ones with sugar on,
And you can also pop in a bag as well, that lonely blueberry scone.”

Next day.

“Hi, could I have some cheesecake, please? Yes, those three large slices will do,
And I will also have those muffins, those raspberry cream buns too.
Throw in a bag of chippies too, and that sandwich that's filled with cheese,
And before I forget, I will also have some pizza too, please.”

Next day.

“Hi, I’d like four scoops of chips, please, six fat potato fritters too,
And I will also have a soft drink.” 
“Flavour, Sir?”  “Cola will do.”
“A pie, sir?”  “Yes, why not.”  “A toasted sandwich as well, Sir?”  “Okay.
Yes, eat, drink and be merry — isn’t that what you hear people say?”

Next day.

“Hi, could I have some toffees, please? That big bag will be very nice,
And I would like some candy floss too, and a few marzipan mice.
Yes, I wouldn’t mind some snack bars for when I’m feeling hungry,
And some popcorn and pretzels too, for when I'm watching the TV.”

“Well, I think I’ll catch a bus home, as walking just isn’t for me,
And I’ll invite my friend around, and we’ll have takeaways for tea.
And after, we’ll just relax, sprawled out in a comfortable chair,
And before we say good night, we’ll each have a glass of ginger beer.”

Next week.

“Now, Sir, what was it you were saying?”  “Yes, I’m sure that one will do."
“The one with golden handles?”  “Yes, and that satin lining too.”
“It’s such a shame that he went so young, and so unexpectedly.”
“Yes, I just don’t understand it, it’s really quite a mystery.”

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