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A New Morning - Early...

Listen to the Birds:
listen to the vibrating echoes of their song;
have you noticed how their fluted notes waft along?
Harbingers of Peace.
Sweet, trilling tones, appealing in their lightness,
calling us to take with them a joyous flight,
right away from all our tightness - all the wrong atmospheres -
(our being undecided which way to "fly"....)
Asking why we persist in such harshnesses,
such killing, and such heaviness; such thick, heavy pall
of dreams forsaken, peace unrecalled.
Tender whimsy this, that gentle, joyous creatures bring to Earth
a sweet remembrance of times long gone by
(times we've once again to see),
times when love and service, pure and true, are the key,
fuelling everyone's remotest needs, and filling all the Earth
with unselfish deeds.
Whimsical!   Idealist!
Yet in their trusting song, ungrasping self-sufficiency,
with ne'er a sweet note wrong,
the little birds are telling us - musical and free -
a secret of the Universe - a love for you and me;
a wish that all aggression would absolutely cease,
and then the hidden passion for peace would be released!
So our communication with these little feathered friends
would then be, oh, so tender,
with their fear at an end.

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