Anthony James Angel's Approach
Poetry By Anthony James
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Angel's Approach
Poetry By Anthony James

I am in the air
through the waves of air
I'm here, again I'm happy

What a ground below, hard as stone
what a place to exist
never missed, when the wings are full blown

Angel's my home is here
with you, my dears
I'm a new Spirit, but
I'm an old Soul
recycled whole

Let the wind get me
and lift me away
let the sun warm me in its ray
let the stars lead me to the place
I go to in the middle of the dark of day
to the Kingdom... through the show of lights
never a lonely night in the splendor

I am back here,
I am new.

Striped feathers on my back
show I am the oppressed
these show the young ones
I am blessed and they bow before the scarred soul I bestow
from down below

I know now how to suffer
I know now how to endure
I know Jesus
I know now how to share

and I am here, again.

better, new and stripes to prove

I never quit - I took the hits
I spit out the pits and fell a million times
and I got back up a million too
I am of the worthy few

and I am an Angel, anew...

Come, you and you.. let us be happy
we are Here now.
The Promises hold our place
and They all await...

at the Gate...

I can't fly faster and they all laugh of Love and Joy
My Boy, My Boy!

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