J. R. Hyland AN INTERPRETATION OF THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LEVI: Poetry By J. R. Hyland - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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To trifid man, a triune God
Was manifest as family,
Of father, mother, only son:
Components of divinity.

A Father - god was known as force,
The strength of power manifest;
While Mother - god showed wisdom’s strength;
Together, they were tenderness.
And from their union came a son,
Creating worlds below, above;
The Word of God made manifest:
The Logos of eternal love.

The Father - mother God were One
Till man divorced divinity
And made a God of Wrath who broke
The bonds of holy deity.
And mother - god, of wisdom’s strength,
Man banished from his mortal mind;
And she became the truth he hid;
The peace that he could never find.
Alone, the father - god of force
Became a sacrilege to whom
Men offered fruits of greed and lust;
And made their fate. And sealed their doom.

Fragmented force will lead us to
Destruction of the world as known,
But through its ashes, growth will come,
From seeds of understanding sown.

And strength again will manifest
As mother - father God, and son;
In wisdom, power, and in love
The world will know that God is One.

And patriarchs will all be dead
Who taught us the divinity
Was masculine, and He alone
Ruled over all humanity.

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