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Another week
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Its Monday again, what can I say.
Another week, Life’s politics at play.
But remember one important thing to do.
To your own self always be true.
Let ethics and truth always flow through your life.
Let there never be any discord or strife.
Meditate that the universe will be in harmony today.
With vexatious spirits simply ignore what they say.
Let each word you say be but a gentle ray.
Let your actions be a beacon of light.
Watch all the negative energy today take flight.
Begin this week with renewed energy and vigor.
Life doesn’t have to be such a strenuous rigor.
What ever you do today,
This is where you are meant to be.
Look beyond the physical world.
Open your eyes that you can truly see.
Give a colleague a blessing today.
Smile today. Take someone’s hand.
Let your light have a say.
Allow time to pray.

© A.Pell 1/05/2005


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