Andrew PellAnother Day, Another Journey
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Another Day, Another Journey
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We wake up every morning to the start of a brand new day.
As you open your window; are you touched by the divine ray that comes your way?
Do you see each new day as a brand new start?
Or do you see each day as a dark and poisonous dart?
The darkness is all in the mind.
Open your eyes. Look around you. Great wonders you will truly find.
The darkness and negativity is not real, it never has been.
Visualize the light, towards the light you must lean.
Imagine, a moment, an hour or a day without any darkness.
The myriads of opportunities is any ones guess.
You can visualize the light piercing the darkest night.
Open your eyes, open your hear and open your soul to that piercing light.
Your day will then materialize a complete change in fortune.
You will never be the same. Miracles will happen very soon.
Each new day will be a magical adventure.
For all your past problems and anxieties, there is now a cure.
See each day as an exciting journey to undertake.
This world is full of miracles. Your day is what you make.

Andrew Pell 04/02/06

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