Lance LandallAnti-Christian?
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Poetry by Lance Landall

Given how many Christians act, and thus the damage that they do,
Iím certainly not surprised, friend, that youíve an anti-Christian view.
And maybe those so-called righteous wars, or past inquisitions too,
Have also had a hand in your very strong anti-Christian view.

Perhaps youíre an ex-Christian, tired of all the wrong that you have seen
Occurring amongst many Christians, or within the Christian scene;
Or have you been badly hurt, friend, by some Christians acting wrongly,
And now -- that Christians are just hypocrites -- are feeling very strongly?

Well, what you have encountered, friend, is hardly Christianity,
But rather, itís simply some Christians who've acted very wrongly.
Yes, Christians who have badly strayed, or who have simply lost their way,
And who, as a consequence of such, incorrectly God portray.

So, please donít throw the baby out with the bath water, as they say,
For itís not Christianity, but Christians, who their God betray.
Though theyíre His ambassadors, some Christians dismay and disrespect
The very God they take their name from, when Him they wrongly reflect.

Iím often disappointed by fellow Christians acting wrongly,
And I deplore the wrong occurring within Christianity.
But I too, have hurt others, and thus wrongly my God portrayed,
For I am human just like them, and so often donít make the grade.

Thus, I will still believe in God, and a Christian Iíll still remain,
And I'll continue to fellowship with any who His name claim.
But I will do my very best to reflect my God correctly,
In the hope that you might see what is truly Christianity.

But both Christian and non-Christian behave hypocritically,
So such is hardly an excuse for shunning Christianity.
Therefore, donít build your faith on humans, for humans so often fail,
Which is why Christianity has left a terribly flawed trail.

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