A Pit Bull Without a Home
By Alanna Demont

From all-creatures.org

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A Pit Bull Without a Home
By Alanna Demont

In my small old cage,
I sit looking at the door
While people pass before me
A sight they'll just ignore

Blind because what my brothers were
But I am not the same
I sit here night and day
Waiting in vain

I wag my tail at people passing by
Trying to show them that I care
But I know in their hearts,
No love for me is there

The ones who stop at my cage
I know they will not stay
They read the words written under my name
And as they leave I try to keep my anger at bay

Some look at me and judge me
By my color, my age my size
They look at me for a moment
Before they decide I would not be a prize

For I am the unlovable puppy
The one no one wants to keep
Hating the two word
They m soul shall reap
But I am What I am and I am a

Pit Bull