Julie DickinsonBeguiling Christmas
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Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Beguiling Christmas
By Julie Dickinson

Beguiling festive season.
Frost licked morn.
Hearty grin, excitement rippling.

Cut - throat moment.
Life lost, animalis.
End of long inflicted suffering.

Midnight snuggles.
Giggles of children, eyes gleaming.
Squeals of laughter.

Squeals and screams – for ‘pigs in blankets.’
Precision arterial cuts across stunned, turkey body.
Goose fattened and sickened.
All for gravy dripped faces and ghoulish oblivion.

What have we become?

Glitter, trash, thrash of animal.
Christmas tree, dipped red.
Dread in belly, discordant human.

Beguiling lie of festive treats.
Meat-fed illusion, of humane slaughter.
Ignorance bleeding out across the table.

We are so much more than this.

Gathering, in vast feast of kindness.
No harm in its making.
Consciousness in its creation.
Planet, species, human self - aligned.

Wandering human soul,
forever rooted back to heart - casa.
Attuned to reality.
Alive in present moment.

In no need of expensive gifts, or perfectionist ideas.
Valuing life in evident form, kith and kin.
Love on the plate.
Love in the moment.

Love for every species born into this world.
A shift, a change.
An awakening.

Beguiling Christmas,

beguiling Christmas
Art © Julie Dickinson

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