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Poetry By Anthony James
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Poetry By Anthony James

A Secret

I'm just a girl
I'm just a boy
was born in the world
so, what does the world consist of?
so much pressure-
so many eyes on me
so much expected of me
and it seems as though
others have it much easier
and it seems as though
they have a free ride?
no one seems to even look at them
and yet, they do well in the world?
why are things so difficult for me?
is there something wrong with me?
what does it all mean?
do this?
do that?
don't do this...
don't do that...
"friends" turning their back on me...
"judging" me, if I misstep..
even abandoning me..
as though they are "helping" me..
and what if I fall?
who will be there to catch me?
and what if I die?
who will be there, at my side?
or will they say, rather...
that I should be an example?
that others could end up like me
and was this me being 'loved'
or am I being prepped up for an 'example'?
could love have saved me?
would love have ever depraved me?
So, then I have been hurt
I have been abandoned,
and left alone..
but you know these things have happened to me more than once
and I have bounced back before... picking myself up and hoping
that these things will not happen to me anymore...
will they happen to me again?
if they do, what is the point?
why should I care?
why should I do this?
why should I try?
why should I do all this stuff, this work, and stress?
what is it and why do I do it?
I know why. I have the answer.
It is your Spirit!
Who you are!
What you are made of!
If you are ever down on a knee
If you Truly believe you cannot take any more....
What then?
If you do not know what to do
If you do not know where to go
If you are truly broken...
I will tell you, then,
A secret.

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