Lance LandallA Tale
Poetry by Lance Landall
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A Tale
Poetry by Lance Landall

 My heart was thumping loudly, beads of sweat dotted my brow, I knew I had to do it, and that the right time was now. I stood and surveyed the house, ’till the evening shadows fell, Then made my way towards it, dread and fear trying to quell.

Eyes scanning, ears on alert, I approached an old rear door, I inserted a key, turned the door knob some, then some more. Heart racing, breathing laboured, I entered a corridor, Which I slowly tiptoed down, lest creaks be heard, from the floor.

The house was deathly silent, only shadows filled each room — Or at least it seemed that way — for such I could not presume. I crept up the staircase, uneasy, on edge, my nerves taut, And as I reached the landing, something moved, that my eyes caught.

I stood frozen to the spot, nerves screaming, my hair on end, I wanted to turn and run, yes, the stairs quickly descend. “My mind’s playing tricks,” I thought, for I’d been told, “No one’s there,” So, I had to get a grip, get on with it, face my fear.

I began to move, slowly, inch by inch, legs like jelly, Trying to convince myself I was just being silly. It was probably nothing, just my imagination, A rustling tree ’gainst moonlight, my lack of concentration.

Yes, just two more rooms to search, and then I’d be on my way, One of them held the answer, a desk, a drawer, a dossier. But that movement still bothered, as I drew near the first room, And with nerves at breaking point, leaned forward, and scanned the gloom.

Emptiness returned my stare — “It’s the other room,” I thought, So, towards that room I turned, as feelings of fear I fought. Once again, I slowly inched my way, barely daring to blink, When suddenly, out of nowhere…..Oh, no! I’ve run out of ink!

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