Lance LandallBeauty Beware
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Beauty Beware
Poetry by Lance Landall

Thereís an enchanting flower that's dwelling in a lushish flowerbed, One that is ringed by pearly petals, and has a burnished golden head. And just like a diamond that's in a crown, it bedazzles passers-by, Who commonly stop to view its beauty, and are heard to coo and sigh.

It towers over the others that adorn the same flowerbed too, Being the best of all the flowers there, that were planted and quickly grew. It leans towards the spellbound viewer, beckoning them to stay awhile, Yes, itís truly alluring, so intriguing, and so sure to beguile.

It lazes in the warming sunshine, and itís seen jiving with the breeze, It takes showers in the rain, and very teasingly, makes people sneeze. Yes, it excites the observer, plays tootsie with passing buzzy bees, And it flirts with the gardener too, who each day this real stunner sees.

Itís scrupulously tendered, and it's monitored habitually, Itís a classic, it's a prize winner, for it's sculptured so perfectly. Itís the pick of the bunch, itís streets ahead ó it would knock the judges dead, Yes, itís absolutely top-notch, it's a jewel amongst a flowerbed.

Well, I could leave it there, but I would rather not ó therefore, on Iíll go, Given that all about this flower, I'm wanting everyone to know. And should you stroll past this garden, friend, you too, will soon understand why I am waxing so lyrical here, and suggesting that you pass by.

Itís not often that such you will see, for such beauty is very rare, Which is why so many passers-by will take the time to stop and stare. In fact, Iím rather surprised that this flower is still residing there, For surely admirers are tempted ó and there are those who may well dare.

Hence why the following's worth pondering on, and very thoughtfully, And that is, that beauty has a downside, oft sparks vanity and jealousy, And that if we're blessed with beauty, not to strut about like a peacock, But rather, humbly mingle with others, for beauty has a time clock.

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