Anthony James Behold, The End.
Poetry By Anthony James
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Behold, The End.
Poetry By Anthony James

what once mattered,
matters no more.
what once had power,
no longer can stand-

and them things that once had power
are no longer able to rise up
and all who loved the world
are dismayed...???

oh world, where have you gone?
oh world, where are you?

the world is dying, out.
the Sword is in her
and all you who lived for her...
spit blood from your mouths

but, I saw her face
as the blade thrust from her
and her eyes opened wide
in wonder.

and the leaves by the fig
show the summer, nigh
and the Kingdom, same
as the days and the signs
whisking pages of Revelation
and agonizing the reconsideration
of all things once thought to be
a certain way, are not that way at all.

unveiling the horrors hidden all this time
there,demons scream to and fro
the unsaved mind

there is weeping.
there is gnashing as you had heard there would be.

and the tragic, horror of it all
oh, the unchangeable mind

who could change them?
they worshipped the devil, only.
and all his worldly offerings did they wake for,
each day.

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