Anthony James breath of life
Poetry By Anthony James
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breath of life
Poetry By Anthony James

There, born a soul
Carefully contained, inferno
Crashing into walls of infinity
Like an aimless, feral breeze
Very tough to get back if it gets away-
The signs are present
The soul is almost torn-
Catch it quick,
My God- to the flesh be born
Contained in skin and bone
Full of sin in the sinner's home
Now, there you go
Go and become a man
This place is not what you think it is
But think of it as you choose-
Either way- you and sin are slowly closing in
And you, man, will certainly know
The kind you are-
The wild sinner, the conceited star
The disappointed soul, falling, tripping
Over the spiritual cord
To bring you down where you belong
Down, down to the dirt of ground
It is better to be under God's spell
And suffer to change, by the chains of Salvation-
Than to love the world and gain nothing
The cord, connecting you to Him
Of whom you were Born-
Of whom Loves you-
Forgiver of a billion sins or more
Power, such power.. in the Heart of He
Of whom created everything an eye can see-
And open the eyes of souls, beseech
Their limit reached-
Their cries are heard
Hungry children, call abba
Behold a white dove descends
Pouring out His Spirit
His Children are born again
The rebirth of the Soul - The cries are heard
The pangs of birth- of man and Word
And behold his breast-plate of Gold-
An Angel at the Gate
Assigned to welcome you Home-
And a place for you,
And you are called by your Spiritual Name
Do you know how many have wept for you?
Do you know what it is like for our Father
To transform His children, through the flesh, for the Soul?
It is an accomplishment of the incomprehensible-
It is accomplished of His Love-
And the Heavens sing of praise and Glory
For Him who has Saved Another Child-
And your brothers and sisters before you-
All know you, completely-
And they love you and were praying for you-
When you were a sinner.
And when you arrive-
You meet your Savior,
Jesus Christ-
And the Love between you and Him
Is contained forever in the Heart of God-
It is stronger a flame than the burning sun-
And down below- upon the dirt roads,
Men are killing and dying for mortal power
In a breath of life-

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