Anthony James Bride of Christ
Poetry By Anthony James
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Bride of Christ
Poetry By Anthony James

The Church.
Most beautiful architecture,
of such Divine structure-

Bride of Christ,
each and everyone-
Alleluia I am Home, here.
My Father awaits my arrival,
nods His head to every man
who comes in the name of the Lord-

So Important.
Father, I am here with You-
Holy Spirit You Are Here, I am restored
This is not a chore this is pure Joy.
for me my Family- I am visiting with You
You are in Spirit and I am in flesh-
Church is where we mesh alleluia!

I seen the Vision, it was divine
I saw the structure, the pink marble
thousands of feet high and gold trimming A Kingdom-
A Divine Structure I saw the day, the day!
The day.

I saw the Churches rise above the grounds everywhere, I heard the sounds, Church Bells echoing a harmonious symphony- and round and round- The churches formed a perfect circle, far above the deadened earth and the Souls rose up, all beyond the sight of any man from any land-

The Heavens-
every Church joined together, their walls untethered Souls moving through this dimension, unknown the Church from earth is their Home- and they who made it their Home feel at Home- and those who didn't aren't here-
It is time for Mass.
In Heaven-

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