Anthony James Broken Heart
Poetry By Anthony James
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Broken Heart
Poetry By Anthony James

Broken Heart
there is a pain in my heart
it's echo is heard by all my ears
reverberating through all the hairs
I own.

the heart, the pain
my thoughts are wrought, pervasive
and permeate northward and move forward
in a constant presence, without wane

probably lodged,
unable to dodge, this day
it has settled upon the peace
I was barricading utilizing the common way

I've long expired
the trials
of my denials

I'm a paying customer
this is a true monster
to me.

this realization
immune to frustration
and cares less about contagion

I am alone.

and I could die, alone.
my heart broken...

the little muscle has beat all it can.
oh Lord, I am dying...

Please Love me.

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