By Sharon Ann Kieffer


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By Sharon Ann Kieffer

 Broken promises are often made
Sometimes the pain from them go so very deep.

It was God that said, man would
leave us but He would not, through
his Son that brought his promises
he made are so quickly forgot.

When a promise is made, and we
put our faith people, then is broken
in that person we placed our faith
in, it is our trust in them that is
taken away and often resentment set in.

It hurts our heart and that is where
God is, He feels our pain and knows
lessons through Him are taught,
sometimes God' is the one we
also blame, when some of our prayers are
are not answered the way we think they should
be. and no to them
was the best answer he could have given us.

He is our father that loves so much,
it's always God that brings us through,
even when we are not aware, he is always
there. I have taken a lot of broken
promises to God in prayer.

I asked him why and he answered me
saying, my child because it was your
faith you did not put in me. I let
you go through the pain knowing it
would lead you closer to me. And to
always remember when your lessons are
learned, that I Am the greatest teacher
of all and that they come from me.

I sent you my son this I know you
believe. It is through him that
you come to me.He was not sent into
the world to teach about broken promises
but to make promises and teach about
me.He taught many things greater than
what man would believe. When healing
the sick, making the blind to see, even
raising the dead, there are still people
who do not believe.

There was one man that promised Jesus
he would never deny him, but when he
was asked as Jesus said he would be,
"Do you know of this man called Jesus."
That man broke his promise saying, "no
I do not know him."

So in all our broken promises let us
never forget, that God is our greatest
teacher of all.

OCT. 17, 2007