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Poetry By Anthony James

There is someone I love in this world.
I can't understand.
I know about sanity- and how it can, somehow,
pour out of us like sand through our hand?

I know because I am a man.
We all know that we come close-
Perhaps we all walk to the edge-
And some of us find a way to step back-
But what of the 'he and the she' caught strong in the trap?

There is someone I love in this world-
My heart is beating and pulsating love toward him-
He cannot see it or feel it-
He is in a place I cannot get to- despite my efforts-

I know that I do not understand everything-
I know that the things I do understand may fit me like a glove
An encrypted understanding between me and God-
Hooray for me and the 'he and she' who has found this love-

But what about the 'he and she' caught strong in the trap-
I can't look back without stretching out my hand-
Brother, hold my hand I know I am younger than you-
It's okay, I won't see you as less- Let's get through this mess-
Then I'll be your little brother again-
Do you know that, even though I've grown taller than you,
I could never look down on you?

Will you ever know what is in my heart?
The love? I pray for you, that you get your encrypted love-
With God above-

Do you know I pray, to Jesus every single day?
I see our whole family, before Jesus-
I am crying here on earth, so imagine the weeping before Christ.

Save us Oh Lord, our family.
Show us how we need changing here and now-
I'll be strong, somehow-
While we all witness each other's trials and tribulations-

Oh God, please get us all Home.

December 13, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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