Andrew PellThe Buckle Ring
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Buckle Ring
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

A Gold ring in the shape of a buckle.
Two diamonds shining brightly.
An elegant piece of jewellery with a message.
Friendship and love that do last.
Yet the time goes very fast.
Two diamonds sparkling representing two people in love.
An anniversary to be celebrated.
God looks down and smiles.
Look at the Buckle ring closely.
Look beyond the physical beauty for its meaning.
Look beyond the physical for its meaning.
Look at the ring and feel the sensitivity and feeling.
Beauty and Art representing love is a divine gift.
It is a major shift.
Look at the individual diamonds burning bright.
Representing love that will shine through the darkest night.
Feel the immense energy that comes from such a gift.
Wear it humbly and proudly, there will not be any shift.
God looks down and smiles again.
He has entrusted a gift that will remain the same.

Andrew Pell 28/06/2017

buckle ring

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