Andrew PellBuild a Life as if it was a work of Art
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Build a Life as if it was a work of Art
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A Quote from a Jewish Theologian Joshua Heschel taken from the Obituary of Ella Krug 1931 – 2020 AJN May 8 2020 – Lyar 14 , 5780 - A Poem Built on that Quote by Joshua Heschel - Poem by Andrew Pell)

Beautiful words from a great Jewish Theologian.
Words that will touch the mind and heart.
A Craftsman, Sculptor builds from solid stone.
With such words like that, we know we are never alone.
Art, Literature and Music brings divine peace into our busy lives.
Words by Joshua Heschel lifts us from the mundane to the sublime.
A connection to God that we are able to find.
Build a life that brings love and lights the Path of everyone.
We connect together, in our journey of life together.
Words and action will keep us close forever.
God provides the peace and light, it is now up to us to receive and carry the light.
Make your light shine so bright that it will light and brighten the Path of those near to you.
Such Peace and happiness will remain with you and see you through.
God gave us this light; let us turn his light into a work of Art.
Let it shine bright for all to see and admire.
Let your life and light touch other life’s and set their hearts on fire with Divine love.
The Divine Love can only come from God above.

© Andrew Pell 10/05/2020

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