by Tammy C. Smith

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by Tammy C. Smith

To market, to market my critters need food

But Iím running low on cash, what will I do

First Iíll dump my purse out, go through that and see

Then to the car, I know where some change might be

O.K., thatís great! Nine dollars and thirty cents

Plus, thereís two more quarters in my tin of mints

All right, nine dollars and eighty cents total

ďThat should be enough to last!Ē I say hopeful

Hey! Iíll look in my coupon box that might help

Wow! One dollar! RATS!!! Itís expired! Oh, well

Thatís all right; itís almost ten dollars in all

Where will I shop? Iím not going to the mall!

Iíll just go down to my favorite Shop-Mart

Theyíre not busy. Yes, Maíam, thank you for the cart

I know right where the pet aisle is located

My paycheck seems to always be here fated

O.K., itís Monday night, this food needs to last

Until Thursday after 2 pm has passed

Alrighty then, a big bag of Kitty Mix

And my rabbit needs a couple more chew sticks

My dog has food but he does need some snack bakes

My fish Lola needs a can of her food flakes

And a gallon of spring water for her bowl

What is my total? Iím getting close I know

O.K., Iím up to nine dollars before tax

I hope that I donít have to put something back

The grand total should be: um, nine seventy two

Where is my favorite cashier? Her name is June

I donít see June; sheís probably off today

Iíll get in this line, looks like a real short wait

As I stare down at the fruits of my labor

Two rows over I see my next-door neighbor

ďHi Karen, are you just out shopping today?Ē

ďHey girl, I didnít see you. Have you lost weight?Ē

I LOVE KAREN!!! ďWhy Lord no, itís just this dress.Ē

***Mental note: stop by K-Mart and buy the rest

Of every color in this dress I can get!

My turn to check out. I have enough I bet

Bling! Bling! Bling! My total continues to grow

It finally stops! The total that I owe

Is only nine dollars and twenty-two cents

I have enough to get it all. Thank Goodness!

O.K. Iím off now and ready to go home

With a fresh supply of food, sticks, flakes and bones

Which were baked of course, and my spring water too

I have plenty of everything for my zoo

Driving home I stop and think that I, myself

Donít have much food to last until payday. Help!

I have some soy chicken and burgers too

I hope I have some buns, surely that will do

In traffic, exhausted, my feet killing me

I was happy. Grateful, to have them to feed

In my car I started talking to God who

Sent me all these creatures; my own little zoo

And I felt so blessed that he would trust in me

With their little lives to love and care and be

Kind and gentle with them; shelter from the storm

All of them abandoned, orphans of some form

Somehow found their way to me, Thank You Lord again

For these little mouths to feed. I feel so blessed. Amen.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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