By M. Linda Steffey

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By M. Linda Steffey

I wonder what my cat thinks
When he gazes at our world?
And when he sleeps, what does he dream?
Does he sense things we do not know?
Does he know when we do wrong?
Perhaps that's what he sings about
To others in his song...

We're told they're dumb..their language
Is different from our speech
But we don't know what they know
Even yet what they can teach?
Many times I sit and notice
The gaze of his blue eyes
And wonder if he laughs within
At human schemes and lies!

Does he know we kill his brothers
Each and every day?
It's really all human's fault
But his brother's have to pay!
We torture and we kill them
There are always more to get
For we live in a world
Of the "throw-away-pet"!!

Oh! Sweet cat how I wish that
We change for all of you
For in our "land of plenty"
This we need to do!
STOP the wanton waste
Of food and pets and such
Especially throwing life away
For life is worth so much!

We need to value all life forms
In seas, in skies and sod....
We don't have a right to throw away
That which is made by God!
So little starts with you
The task at hand is great...
We had better learn this lesson
'Fore we come to your brother's fate....

(c) M. Linda Steffey 1990


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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