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Poetry By Anthony James

I am born again,
I said to them-
and glanced away,
to each other
they felt sorry for me.
poor guy, it's sad
let's be sensitive,
he's a little different-
Oh Father, Father
"that's fine, hey it's your choice"
she said.
'well actually, it's not my choice'
I said.
What do you mean, she said?
It's God's Choice.
God chooses to Resurrect the Spirit.
When He does, there is only Joy and Glorification-
Father, Father
Thou are True.
One of the few,
Father, Father
My Father.
Thou Hath brought me in to the Eternal Kingdom.
Oh what do I do, here?
Father, I wait and endure
Seeing the Gospel as though I am alive
When You spoke it-
Everything has come together
Past, Present and Future.

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