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Poetry By Anthony James

Season of withering petals

My God
My God

my sins, ye have caught
and cast upon them
dead ends
that Ye have spoken

Ye Word is the end of me.
my sins, are held
in Thy Hand

When Thy Mouth
saith to me,
repent or die

when I am alone
to abandoned spouse
Ye have said to me

"let no man separate what God has joined"
Ye have said in my wake,
of abandonment
that I too am an adulterer

Oh God
Who has broken Thy Heart
To such Words..

That I should be alone
In sorrow
like a lamb in a vast forest
of trees and leaves

Ye look upon me?
and do Ye feel, happy?
of this fate?

Send Ye Son down,
Oh God-
That He will find me
He is my Shepherd, God

Ye are my God,
But Christ is my friend and shepherd
And His Heart
His Love
do I also love.

But, Ye, Oh Jehovah
Ye have stricken me
I do not defend my sin
I am a sinner,
In Ye, Son, I am Forgiven

and now my sins look at me
and ask me "when can we go forth to and fro"
and I tell them

'no more'

and my sins were my strength
and brought my soul its muscle
and they lay atrophied now
in Thy Word oh Great King, Yahweh

my countenance has lost its folly
my heart is surely in its proper place
long awaited, mine eyes are opened
my mouth has wept and my bones
did tremble in my flesh...

will though naught allow me a friend?
to love?
in this land?

send her then, dear King
to me.

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