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Poetry By Anthony James
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Poetry By Anthony James

Saviour, Saviour-
Father and Son- Holy Spirit
All of One

Take my hand, Heavenly Father
Hold me close to You, I might stand behind You-
For I am afraid of this world...

If I let go of Your leg, Jesus-
I may run off and get lost
I may fall, and cry- trying to walk on my own...
And yet these things I must do-
And I have done them...

Will I Father? Will I?
Make You proud of my own accord?
Will I Father? Oh Jesus I will?
And I will love You forever!

So it is, but so it was not
You are my closest Friend, I remember when...
I was clean, You wouldn't turn Your face from me-

So there it is, there You have it, my Love-
I have let You down- despite Your Crown-
I have fallen down- shattering my own crown-

Father You have called me by name-
I have angered You- And in this I am but a child again-
Your Hands, I kissed so many times-
Upon my shoulder's as if to straighten me-
I feel Your tears upon my arms as I try to hug You-
But You are so hurt and You resist me, Oh Papa-

Let me hold You- Hold me too, please Papa..
This Christmas, the only gift I know of.
Is Your love- And I shall give all of mine to You, Jesus.

Hold me in Your Heavenly arms so that I may become One with You Forever!

December 6, 2010. Anthony James , All rights reserved

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