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Only two days 'till Christmas
and still quiet peace has
not come on the scene,
and the thoughts of that babe
long ago have not made
an oasis as yet;
the meaning of Christmas
has not quelled the clamour
for tidbits and presents
and parties and glamour!
And yet you can bet
 that when working is finished,
excitement diminished,
there will come a time
when the world will stand
S T I L L,
and the thoughts of ill-will
may be shelved, in the name
of the holiday spirit.
if only it felt it
could carry that same
sense of peace and goodwill
through the rest of the year  -
instead of reverting,
 as usual, to fear!
-  just a term in
the annals of commerce?
 -  instead of a word
to describe how to smoothe out
our terse situations; reverse
all the conflict
the world tries to sort out!
As soon as our Christmas is over,
we hide, once again, in those
phony procedures;
and then wonder why
our Earth's peace
is eluding us,
S T I L L !
And yet when you think
that mankind's on the brink
of a lifestyle where leisure
will increase,
it comes back again
to the need to re-train
the old brain to think peace  -
and think MORE peace!
And so we will find
that the tolerant mind
has a great gift for co-operation;
competition may crash,
and there'll be no more rash
confrontations 'twixt nation
and nation!
And so it will be
that those old prophecies
weren't just  'bunkum'
from long ago ages;
but a part of the truth;
and by golly, it's Youth
who must help us to turn
history's pages:
Add more chapters of caring,
and segments of sharing,
and paragraphs written by tutors
who see that the Earth,
after pain,  in re-birth,
will go on
to a glorious future!


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