by Bob Groth


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by Bob Groth

(Based on 2 Corinthians 1:1-10)

Oh, how often it seems
Heavy the burdens we bear
That deep within our hearts
We sometimes just don't care.

Until we get a glimpse
Of those who lived before
Whose faith waxed very strong
Under the burdens they bore.

For in His Holy Book
We now begin to see
Those who lived before
Learned to lean on Me.

So that in our afflictions
As heavy as they may be
The God of awesome comfort
Does come and rescue thee.

Though burdened excessively
Beyond what strength can bear
The God of all creation
Will keep you from despair.

The God of whom we speak
He is the only one
If you trust in others
You will be undone.

It is only He
Who can raise the dead
So put your faith in Him
Not in self, instead.

Set your hope on Him
Of whom we soon shall see
We'll join with all the saints
And shout the victory.

So patient you should be
When time shall be no more
And Christ will shout from heaven,
"Come, enter through the door".

Now while back on earth
Still knowing we are here
He is ever faithful
And takes away all fear.

February 12, 1991