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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Conditions Apply
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

How often do we see advertisements that says buy now, pay next year.
It all sounds too good, we get ourselves into first gear.
Then we read on the advertisement ‘conditions apply’
Anger overtakes us, as it seems an outrageous lie.
Have we ever bothered to read what God is promising us?
We find after close examination, there are no stresses and no fuss.
This is what God has promised and is open to everyone.
Before we were born, the contract signed and the deal done.
More importantly, there is no such clause ‘Conditions apply’
With God we do not have to negotiate or buy.
Everyone is accepted regardless of circumstance or a credit check.
We also don’t have to cross the Himalayas on a spiritual trek.
God makes no distinction as he pours out his grace.
There are no hidden clauses; it is freely given regardless of gender and race.

© Andrew Pell 22/06/08

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