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Poetry by Lance Landall

There is something that I would like to say, that I feel I need to mention,
And that is, when someoneís talking to you, please give them your full attention.
Why? Because what someone is saying to you, may mean a great deal to them,
And thus insensitive inattention here, one could rightfully condemn.

You see, when we don't give our full attention to whatever is being said,
It can leave the other person feeling hurt, bothered, even seeing red,
For such simply conveys disinterest, or shows a lack of thought and care,
Which leaves them feeling that you havenít heard all that they wanted you to hear.

Therefore, donít let your eyes wander from anyone who is speaking to you,
And donít let yourself become distracted by anything around you too,
And donít go fidgeting with things ó yes, leave off whatever you were doing,
Otherwise, such insensitive behaviour, theyíll soon be misconstruing.

While they're there, leave your house phone off the hook, or tell your callers to ring back,
And switch that annoying cell phone off as well, lest that moment it attack,
And should anyone call in to see you, let them know that this timeís not right,
Lest  your inattention, or any distraction, someone's time with you blight.

Far too often these days, people arenít shown the courtesy that they are due
Regarding any one on one conversation that they've sought to pursue.
Yes, far too frequently, a conversation is halted or interrupted,
In other words, seriously inhibited or thoughtlessly disrupted.

Even though everyone should know better than to interrupt a chat,
Such frequently seems to happen, and when we let such, things often go flat.
Yes, even though people should know better, they still let things get in the way,
Thus leaving some person who wants to chat heaving and sighing with dismay.

Hence why we should be much more thoughtful regarding any conversation,
Lest it mean a lot to that person, who, is due such consideration.
And let us watch for those warning signs that may very well show frustration,
For there are times when folk have good reason for feeling some agitation.

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