Noelene SandersonPoetry By Noelene Sanderson
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Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touches the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.




The countryside speaks of space and depth, calls forth that part of us
that may hide, and be pushed under,
covered, silenced with layer upon layer
(coldly, gently, unobtrusively added) of city's harshness,
necessary duties drained of warmth,
stripped of time to get everything done; pushed by pressure
to make money to cope with the cost of things!
The countryside tells of tranquil creatures - now tethered,
straining to be free and self-controlled,
kept perfectly in order by the forces of Nature (?),
that whisper without words, what to do.
They speak with their eyes - gently, while in the city
we send harsh, desperate eye-messages,
being caged within the sophistication,
the mediocrity...


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