DaVinci's Day
By Anonymous

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DaVinci's Day
By Anonymous

Da Vinci predicted
That one day man would live
In a world where the killing
Of the other beings
Would be treated like the killing
Of a human man

I pick up where he left off:-

One day
We shall stare in the mirror
And not see bodies made of murder
One day we shall see an animal die
At the end of life and no sooner

One day
No animal will be kept in a cage
Except for the ones who feel it's their right
To torture, tease, rape and take life

One day
A tree will stand for centuries
In peace
Helping the animals breathe
And enjoying the company
Of the squirrels in it's boughs
And the lovers in its shade

One day
To slay, to murder, to mistreat, to trap, to rape, to test, to use, abuse, to hold, to snap, to hold back
Will be wrong
Oh God bring on
DaVinci's Day