Anthony James Dead in the World, in His Arms
Poetry By Anthony James
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Dead in the World, in His Arms
Poetry By Anthony James

Dead is the World, in His Arms

defeat, defeat
I fail, I beget
I feel the seed
It sprouts the deed
but I wither soon after
disappointment and regret
are my low.
and I go on
like a wheel turning
and it's back again
that passion, burning
oh go to hell you abuser
**** on you, to come for me so often
you greed for me
for my Soul to be
I would kill you in a heartbeat
if I just had one other thing to do.
but I have nothing to do
so i use you, and it's expensive
the price is my Soul,
I know
I know
I am going to sleep
alone, no tears to weep
I am hollow, fragile
like thin, thin glass
wondering, how I've lasted this long
wondering why I was ever born
now wait a minute, God
how can no one care?
what is this?
Oh my God. What is this?
but it won't be long
no, it won't be long now
i can tell... because i am not strong
I am dying
I know it
I show it
and no one cares, no
not 1 man among the billions.
Dear God,
Is there not 1 who has loved me?

By Anthony James , 2012, All rights reserved.
Author notes
The answer to my soul's longing question was given. Not in a voice, no. The answer was in my heart, but God Himself pulled back the veil... and the answer was Known 'in me' then. And I hunger no more. And I thirst no more.
The answer in my heart is of the 1 who Loved me, before the foundation of the world. I died before I was taken back from death... and back I came.. with the answer Sealed in my Soul.

Truly, I tell you the answer was:
"There Is One".

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